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Cannexpor Pharma is an EU-based group of companies that intends to supply premium quality cannabis products to our partners and to patients. Our new website is coming soon:
About us
Portugal is the center of our project since it's the location of our production facility where our superstar team is working very hard on producing premium quality cannabis products that will improve the quality of life of millions of people.

In April 2021 we have successfully accomplished the GACP documentary inspection, which makes us one of the few companies in Portugal that finally achieved their right to cultivate legally medical cannabis within the indoor facility.

Feel free to contact us via the following email: info@cannexpor.com

If you are looking for job opportunities, please send your CV to hr@cannexpor.com

Distribution of the product will be happening only within the countries that have legalized medical cannabis treatment, such as Germany, Poland, Denmark, etc.
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